Shared Services

The Shared Services in Sussex and Surrey Colleges (SISSC Ltd) company operated from July 2012 to July 2017.  During its 5 year operation it established and maintained a common software platform and support service for the delivery of the support functions of finance, HR management, payroll and e recruitment.  Its seven member colleges (comprising Sussex Coast College Hastings, City College Brighton and Hove, Northbrook College, Chichester College, Guildford College Group, East Surrey College and Brooklands Colleges) benefited from the service and the Helpdesk support functions provided.

The advent of Area Review within post-16 further education has, in part, led to the merger of four of the SISSC member colleges into two much larger institutes.  The establishment of these larger colleges has negated some of the original purpose and savings of SISSC and therefore it was decided to close the SISSC service from the end of July 2017.  Colleges continue to use the software which SISSC installed and configured.

FE Sussex has provided extensive support and service to SISSC.  It was instrumental in the setting up of the company and all associated project planning/management together with appropriate staff CPD.

FE Sussex makes its SISSC experience available to other colleges or organisations considering the implementation of shared services on a consultancy basis.

If you need further details please contact Tim Strickland on or 07525 688256.