Current Projects

Leadership Excellence Framework and Leadership Institute research projects

FE Sussex, working with Cogito Development Projects has been contracted by the Education and Training Foundation to carry out research into the establishment of a Leadership Institute and also the use of a Leadership Excellence Framework.  Taking place over a three month period, the research aims to identify the acceptability and demand for both from middle and senior managers in FE colleges and in private training providers.  Over 50 staff will be interviewed to gather their opinions and thoughts.  Through this they will play an active role in shaping the future of management and aspiring management training in the post-16 sector.  If you would like to take part in this high profile ground-breaking project please e-mail Tim Strickland on

Become a Lecturer – updated 01.02.21

FE Sussex and its partners involved in this project are pleased to announce limited extension funding has been made available by the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) for the academic year 2020/21.

Working with the Essex Provider Network, Federation of Essex Colleges, Kent Association of Training Organisations, Kent Further Education and the Sussex Council of Training Providers the website ‘Become a Lecturer’ will continue to support the recruitment of specialist staff into further education colleges and other independent providers across the south east region.  The website is part of a project funded by the South East Local Enterprise Partnership.

The overall project provides bursaries to attract people working in various industries to consider working in the FE sector.  It has had and will continue to have a special focus on hard to recruit industries.  This includes roles such as lecturers, tutors and assessors.  Essentially all the forms of teaching roles in education and skills.

​The site is now live and can be found here and by clicking the Become a Lecturer logo above.  It includes introductory information about the various roles in FE and a set of industry sector based videos created with the help of existing teaching staff across the region.

If you want to make the jump to teaching in FE, either in a full or part time capacity, or indeed whilst still working in your industry employment check out the new site now where you will also find useful links to the college and provider vacancy pages in your area!

Bursary Opportunities – academic year 2020/21

Delivering Skills for the Future – funded by HM Government and South East Local Enterprise Partnership

The South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) Skills Advisory Group has been awarded LEP funding through its ‘Sector Support Fund’ to tackle tutor, teacher and trainer shortages called ‘Delivering Skills for the Future’.

FE Sussex will be working in partnership with the Sussex Council of Training Providers, Kent Further Education, Kent Association of Training Organisations, the Essex Provider Network and the Federation of Essex Colleges.

There will be bursary opportunities for staff working within post 16 colleges and independent training providers who are looking to undertake, within the academic year of 2020/21, a Level 3 teaching qualification, a Cert Ed or PGCE.

The overall object of the project is to attract and retain teaching staff in post-16 education and training by removing the need for staff to pay their own training costs.  Match funding per member of staff is required.

Details of grants available are as follows:

  • Bursary applications will only be considered for those intending to teach or work in skills areas which have been designated a priority for development as follows:
    1. Accommodation, Food and Hospitality and Tourism (Level 3 Priority Area)
    2. Agriculture and Land based
    3. Construction (Level 3 Priority Area)
    4. Education
    5. Energy and Utilities
    6. Finance
    7. Health Care (Level 3 Priority Area)
    8. IT, Digital and Creative
    9. Manufacturing and Engineering
    10. Professional, scientific and technical
    11. Transport and Logistics
  • Bursaries must be used to pay the programme/tuition costs of a new member of staff undertaking a Level 3 teaching qualification, Cert Ed or PGCE thus avoiding the need for that member of staff having to take out an Adult Loan to pay for those costs
  • Bursary grants are to be allocated across East Sussex, Essex and Kent
  • The maximum grant is worth up to £4,000
  • Colleges or ITPs taking up each grant on behalf of a specific member of staff must contribute the first £1,500 of match for a Level 4 qualification or 50% of the cost of a Level 3 qualification
  • Evidence will be required to demonstrate the actual cost and payment for, the teacher training programme
  • Applications and supporting evidence will be subject to external audit

For an Information Flyer please click the following link: V2 SELEP Bursary Information Flyer FINAL 10.09.20

For an Application Form please click the following link: SELEP Bursary Application Form 2020-21 FINAL

For a Bursary Flow Chart please click the following link: SELEP Bursary Application Flow chart FINAL 06.08.19

For any further details please email Tim Strickland on

Professional Exchange Networks 3 – Sussex/Surrey and Hampshire – updated 09.09.20

The aims of PENs

Professional Exchange Networks (PENs) aim to bring together staff from similar disciplines, vocational areas or generic areas such as teaching and learning across a range of participating colleges.  The objective of these meetings are:

  • To establish and further develop two-county wide professional exchange networks
  • To provide peer group CPD to staff
  • the facilitation of peer to peer CPD between staff across colleges
  • to introduce and reinforce the use of Professional Standards
  • to position groups to become self-sustaining
  • to provide staff the opportunity to engage with external experts

PEN subject areas for 202/21

  • Maths and English (Sussex)
  • Maths and English (Hampshire)
  • Education Technology (new for 2020/21)
  • Quality Improvement
  • Safeguarding
  • Examination Officers
  • International Managers

The format of PEN meetings

PEN meetings for the year 2020/21 will be held online using the Zoom platform.  The average length of a meeting is up to 60 minutes unless there is an external speaker – eg HMI.  It is unlikely face to face meetings will take place in the academic year 2020/21 due to Covid-19 precautions.

Meetings will be facilitated by FE Sussex but to enhance group ownership each group will be required to identify colleagues to lead on identified initiatives relevant to that professional exchange.

The dates of PEN meetings

For details of all PEN meetings please visit

Contact and activities between meetings

Members of PEN groups are expected to maintain contact with other group participants and contribute to the development needs of each other.  For example, an exchange of ideas relating to the use of certain learning resources or sign-posting to supporting videos.  Group members report back on these activities at meetings with colleagues.

Further information

Please contact Tim Strickland

Curriculum Development for Panama  – updated 09.09.20

FE Sussex is contracted to People First to assist them in writing curriculum and assessment material for a new vocational college which is being established in Panama.

The services we provide:

Services FE Sussex has provided for this long and complex project include:

  • An extremely good knowledge of the teaching of construction disciplines
  • Coordination of a team of specialist construction writers dispersed around England
  • Production of resources to a consistently high standard
  • Working to a prescribed format
  • Timely turnaround of work (including weekends and bank holidays)
  • Setting up and monitoring a process of quality control and editorial consistency
  • Creation of lesson plans, assessment material, assignments, practical exercises and learning resources
  • Time management and coordination of team members

Our areas of expertise

The project covers a wide range of areas of expertise found within the construction industry including:

  • Masonry
  • Surveying
  • Building Information modelling
  • Building installation
  • Cost and estimation
  • Wet and dry finishing
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental education
  • Concrete technology
  • Asphalt technology
  • Site investigation
  • Technical reports

FE Sussex’s writing team has created over 80 subject profiles and their deeper content.  In addition, each of these subjects has required supporting material including associated lesson plans, assessment material and learning resources.

The delivery team:

To deliver the contract FE Sussex recruited and engaged a team of seven curriculum experts all of whom have many years’ experience of working in post-16 education colleges.  Alongside these, an experienced editor ensured standards and format of writing was consistent and a functional skills specialist covered the key skills requirements.

A final word:

Heading the project, Dr Tim Strickland, Consultant CEO of FE Sussex commented

“Working with People First has given us the opportunity to show the diverse range of projects that FE Sussex undertakes both as an organisation in its own right and on behalf of its member colleges.  We are very proud to be a contractor to this major international project and are delighted at the professionalism and commitment all parties have shown in delivering this large multi-agenda project”

For more information on our project services please contact