End Point Assessment

Implementing End Point Assessment in Sussex


What is an End Point Assessor?

End Point Assessment requires the use of assessors who are independent of an apprentice’s course or in-course work to test the level of skills the apprentice has achieved by the end of their training course.  The assessor is therefore independent of the teaching and learning process.  They are therefore referred to as Independent End Point Assessors.

How does FE Sussex work with end point Assessors?

FE Sussex, the consortia of Sussex colleges, is working with City and Guilds to provide a solution to the availability and scheduling of assessors who are willing and available to carry out end point assessment in Sussex colleges, training providers and the workplace.   Our solution is based on using our consortia knowledge and access to assessors to match the end point assessment requirements of learners following City and Guilds qualifications in our colleges to those assessors who are registered with us and have indicated their availability to undertake assessments.

Do I need to be qualified as an assessor to work with FE Sussex?

We are interested in receiving CVs from aspiring and established assessors.  You may already be working as an assessor in a college or private training provider.  Alternatively, you may be an assessor who is self-employed in that role working across a range of organisations.  Which ever category you fall into we are interested in hearing from you.

What standards do our assessors need to be qualified to?

To work with us assessing City and Guilds qualifications it is first necessary to be accepted by City and Guilds as an assessor and undergo training with them.  There are a number of criteria you have to meet which includes being vocationally competent at one level higher than the one you are conducting assessments at, having recent industrial experience and holding an assessor qualification such as a Level 3 assessor course or a D32/D33.

How long is the training period City and Guilds require of an assessor before they can be scheduled to undertake assessment work?

Assuming you meet the criteria to become an assessor (ie suitably qualified in your subject area and holding assessor qualifications) you will need to undertake 2 days training with City and Guilds.

How will I be paid and at what rate?

If you are employed as an assessor at a college and acting as an End Point Assessor is within your job description you will be paid by the college for your time undertaking end point assessment.

If you are working with FE Sussex on a direct basis your fees will be settled within 30 days of invoice.

Next steps

If you work as a freelance assessor and are interested in working via FE Sussex please e-mail us.  If you are an assessor currently working in Sussex colleges contact us or your human resources department to show your interest in acting as an End Point Assessor.  Please e-mail us on info@fesussex.org.uk.

To download the FAQs please click the following link: Implementing End Point Assessment in Sussex

Tim Strickland, FE Sussex