Planning for the implementation of FELTAG and the use of learning technology

A workshop for Governors, leaders and managers on the crucial strategic decisions to be made on the introduction of learning technologies.

In 2014 the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG) made far reaching recommendations to the government regarding how the FE curriculum will change to embrace digital learning technology.  Central to the recommendations is the requirement to teach 10% of courses (for 19+ learners) via the use of digital learning technology as a wholly online component by 2015/16 and 50% by 2017/18.

Targeted at senior middle managers and above (including Governors) the purpose of this workshop is to assist colleges in strategically planning changes to meet FELTAG implementation criteria.  Advice, guidance and the opportunity to model the financial implications for your college will be included in the workshop.

The developments in learning technology will change teaching and learning modelling, its’ potential implementation and raise awareness for inclusion in strategic planning.

The workshop focuses on:

  • The implications of Government thinking on technology in learning and the report by the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG)
  • Considering how to strategically plan and forecast the implications of funding changes, learner demands and teaching resource efficiencies
  • Modelling the implications of FELTAG changes using a bespoke Excel planning tool
  • Looking at a case study of the outcome of the use of the planning tool and horizon gazing future learner requirements

The session will be led by Stephen Holley (renowned sector consultant) who has assisted colleges to plan for FELTAG.  Contributions will be made by JISC.

Event Dates