Consultancy Services

We will use a wide range of consultants each of whom bring specific expertise and experience in governance, leadership, shared services, merger and acquisition.

We anticipate assistance will need to be provided to develop knowledge, working arrangements and options of principals and chief executives whose organisations are subject to area review. Specifically, we have identified needs centred on the following areas related to cooperative working and area review outcome:

  • Options, models and evaluation: soft hard or loose federations, mergers, loose cooperation
  • Shared services
  • Management models: various options and choices
  • Development of middle management staff and growing leaders
  • Area economic factors: local economic objectives, labour market needs, national policies and centres of excellence
  • Academic quality: achievements, outcomes, trends, employment progression travel to learn distances
  • Curriculum planning: efficiency, cost-effective delivery, use of technology
  • Funding and finance: viability, comparison of KPIs, long term sustainability, debt factors
  • Risks associated with area review outcomes: evaluation, mitigation, options
  • Income generation, apprenticeships and financial viability

Consultancy Services

Consultants will:

  • Identify, arrange appointment with and visit appropriate senior staff who have indicated a demand for the area of expertise the consultant can advise on and spend one day with the principal/senior managers of the college providing advice and guidance on a range of strategic objectives.
  • follow up each visit by a short written report capturing the strategic advice given and setting down possible actions. Highlighting other ETF support available is also part of the consultant brief.
  • work with principals/CEOs on a face to face basis. (There is no requirement for principals and CEOs to travel to meetings or for regular attendance at local venues).