Developing middle management

Advice and guidance on identifying and training tomorrow’s managers

Much research around the performance and success of colleges has cited getting middle management right as one of the most critical factors in establishing and maintaining a successful college or training provision. Consultants will advise on gap analysis, middle management training modules readily available from the ETF, internal management development and how growing the leaders of tomorrow contributes to the success of today.

Our consultants delivering this service

  • Andrew Thomson
  • Angela Carter
  • Beri Hare
  • Beverley Morris
  • Chris Thomson
  • Dave Baber
  • Des Lambert
  • James (Jim) Aleander
  • Jon Thedham
  • Lynne Craig
  • Nick Martin
  • Peter Corrigan
  • Phil Frier
  • Sally Challis-Manning
  • Stephen Lay
  • Toni Fazaeli