Management models

Organisational structure and alignment to reflect FE requirements

Establishing the most appropriate organisational structure is a task which all leaders face. Visioning the future requirements of the organisation plays a key role in establishing the best management model. The project consultants bring direct experience of management in all areas of post-16 education and training and will discuss with you the advantages, disadvantages and suitability of various options available.

Our consultants delivering this service

  • Andrew Thomson
  • Beri Hare
  • Beverley Morris
  • Chris Thomson
  • Dave Baber
  • Des Lambert
  • James (Jim) Aleander
  • Jon Thedham
  • Nick Martin
  • Peter Corrigan
  • Phil Frier
  • Sally Challis-Manning
  • Stephen Holley
  • Stephen Lay
  • Stephen McCormick
  • Toni Fazaeli